Cleaner For Windows And Mirrors

Natural Cleaner For Windows And Mirrors

Scent: neutral

We set out to make washing windows and mirrors easy and accessible. If you ask us, this should be a job you can do in a flash instead of sacrificing your weekend. Our fast-acting natural formula is here to help.

YOPE Natural Glass Cleaner cleans windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces, removing dirt, dust, handprints and water spots to leave surfaces transparent, shiny and free of smudges and streaks. Unlike the rest of the YOPE Home Care range, this product contains no added fragrances. Non-toxic, environmentally safe and Ecolabel-certified.


90% natural and minimally processed ingredients

<5% non-ionic surfactants, enhancers, isopropyl alcohol, preservative (Methylisothiazolome, Benziso-thiazolimone).

Capacity: 750 ml

Price PLN9.99