Bamboo Bathroom Cleaner

Natural Bathroom Cleaner

Scent: Fresh and bright, with a clean citrus note

It works: lightly scented natural formula leaves bathroom surfaces clean and free of spots, streaks and sediment.

Features environmentally safe cleansing and descaling agents, including citric acid and natural plant extracts, plus a fresh bamboo scent. Cleans tiles, grout, sanitary fixtures, shower cabins and taps. Removes soap residue, calcium deposits and a variety of organic and inorganic stains. Protects against tarnishing and mineral build-up. Safe on ceramic, glass, porcelain, enamel, metal and synthetic surfaces. The result? A bathroom that sparkles, plus no harmful chemicals.

Choose a Natural All-Purpose Cleaner and Natural Floor Cleaner with the same fragrance.


98% natural and minimally processed ingredients

5-15% non-ionic surfactants, additives, parfum, preservative (Methylisothiazolome, Benzisothiazolimo-ne).

Capacity: 750 ml

Price PLN12.99