Green Tea Bathroom Cleaner

Natural Bathroom Cleaner

Scent: Bright and refreshing, with a leafy green note that evokes springtime.

It works: lightly scented natural formula leaves bathroom surfaces clean and free of spots, streaks and sediment.

Features environmentally safe cleansing and descaling agents, including citric acid and natural plant extracts, plus the bright fragrance of green tea. Cleans tiles, grout, sanitary fixtures, shower cabins and taps. Removes soap residue, calcium deposits and a variety of organic and inorganic stains. Protects against tarnishing and mineral build-up. Safe on ceramic, glass, porcelain, enamel, metal and synthetic surfaces. The result? A bathroom that sparkles, plus no harmful chemicals.


98% natural and minimally processed ingredients

5-15% non-ionic surfactants, additives, parfum, preservative (Methylisothiazolome, Benzisothiazolimo-ne).

Capacity: 750 ml

Price PLN12.99