French Lavender All-purpose Cleaner

Natural All-purpose Cleaner

Scent: Crisp, floral, herbaceous, subtle and elegant.

It works: lightly scented natural formula leaves indoor and outdoor surfaces clean and streak-free.

Features environmentally safe cleansing agents and an elegant lavender aroma. Anti-static properties prevent dust build-up. Recommended for porcelain, enamel, steel and synthetic materials. Safe for kitchen, bathroom, balcony and terrace use. The result? A squeaky clean home free of harmful chemicals.

Choose a Natural Bathroom Cleaner and Natural Floor Cleaner with the same fragrance.


97% natural and minimally processed ingredients

<5% non-ionic surfactants, <5% anionic surfactants, additives, alcohol, preservative (Methylisothia-zolome, Benzisothiazolimone).

Capacity: 750 ml

Price PLN12.99