Natural Shampoo and Natural Conditioner for dry, damaged and dull hair - nourish, hydrate, strengthen the hair and allow for easy combing.

Scent: sensual flowery-wooden composition smells like the oriental garden warmed up by the sun.

In our climate all year-round hair is exposed to harmful external factors like sun, wind, heating and dry air. If additionally, it’s coloured and hot styled, this line is certainly for it. Its reach formula is full of most effective natural nourishing substances, moisturising and repairing agents. To both products we’ve added an innovative polymer sourced from cassia seeds grown in India, which facilitates combing both wet and dry hair. Effect? The hair is deeply nourished, lustrous, light, fresh, soft and smooth after washing, as well as more open to styling.


Natural Shampoo

It works: the natural extracts from rose, vanilla and sandalwood care for the scalp and regenerate it. The small particles of the plant keratin in the shampoo penetrate and repair the damaged hair and counteract free radicals. They prevent premature aging of hair. The natural hydrating ingredient, which penetrates the hair, rebuilds and strengthens it, adds elasticity and softness. The hair is more resistant to new damages. Thanks to the innovative polymer combing both wet and dry hair is much easier!


Natural Conditioner

It works: argan oil and shea butter are the best experts when it comes to regeneration of dry and damaged hair. Both ingredients intensely nourish and hydrate the hair, prevent split ends and protect hair from adverse effect of the external factors, such as wind, freezing and hot air or sunlight. They also care for the dry scalp, just like the natural extracts from rose, vanilla and sandalwood. The plant keratin contained in the conditioner penetrates and repairs the damaged hair and counteracts free radicals. Thanks to the innovative polymer combing both wet and dry hair is much easier!

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    Natural Liquid Soap
    Natural Liquid Soap
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