YOPE x meadows

On rainy, windy autumn days it is a relief to imagine better weather. Remember the amazing energy of summertime? Just think back to the sweet, warm air, the scent of flowers in bloom, bees buzzing by... Speaking of which, did you see any bees in the city last summer? Neither did we. That’s because bees are quickly becoming the next endangered species. See, bees don’t find concrete jungles or plant life grown with pesticides and chemical fertilisers to be very hospitable. And if bees disappear, so will everything else: no pollination means no edible plants, no plants means no animals. Incidentally, the first person to make the link between bees and life on Earth was Albert Einstein, and we all know he was no dummy.

We decided to do something about the bee shortage and help our customers join YOPE in, you know, helping save the world. How? By doing what we do best: making a great, natural product range dedicated to the fight for rescuing bee habitats, and then devoting part of our profits to a charity that’s making a difference.

The special new YOPE Linden Blossom range includes three customer favourites – Natural Soap-Free TGA Hand Wash, Natural Shower Gel and Natural Hand and Body Lotion – and features a floral and uplifting fragrance as sweet as the scent of sun-kissed linden blossoms on a summer day. Each formula contains vitamin- and flavonoid-rich linden extract to protect against free radicals, strengthen the skin’s natural defences and prevent moisture loss. We’ve also added soothing extracts of flaxseed, marigold and chamomile to reduce inflammation and speed regeneration of skin. But let’s get back to the bees, since skincare is just part of the story.

We’ve teamed up with the Łąka foundation, which specialises in sustainability education and environmental restoration. Together, YOPE and Łąka will plant one thousand square kilometres of flowering meadows in eight Polish cities, creating space for one million flowers to bloom, which will provide enough pollen to feed fifteen million hungry pollinators. Why cities? That’s simply where most people are these days, and it’s where we live, work and sell most of our products. In addition to bees, the beneficiaries of our efforts will include beetles, butterflies, ants and of course people. After all, green areas create community while also helping rid the air of smog and CO2. And unlike lawns, meadows don’t require costly, resource-draining maintenance.

Linden Blossom is our first range with a mission, but in creating it we never lost sight of the pleasure principle that drives our product development. From the packaging design to the sweet, heady scent, we made sure to create a product that would be a joy to use, and a welcome reminder of early summertime during the cold and grey months of the year. Now you can breathe in the scent of early summer, with its abundant warmth and invigorating energy, even in dreary November. Stay warm, everyone!