YOPE is always inspired to create amazing things with people who share our values and vision. That is why we collaborated with Thomas Knights: a photographer, an anti-bullying champion, a filmmaker, and a musician. He is happy to share his experience with us and add his exceptional vision to the campaign. Together we want to spread the word about our activities and knowledge to help the bees! #beeYOPE

This year beeYOPE campaign was supported by an eclectic group of individuals who shared similar values to YOPE, from a Vegan restaurant manager, a 9-month pregnant aerial performer with a vegan diet and bee tattoo, a rock musician, a graphic designer, a movement director, twins, and a professional dancer.In natural film locations dotted around London, Thomas photographed the campaign models amongst a real backdrop of lavender, meadows, plants, bees, and flowers whilst local animals poked their heads into the shoot like a gaggle of grey swans, a dog, and a cat.

Everyone was engaged in the topic of the environment. One of the models Daniel, who is an excellent dancer, said
“I think saving the planet is so important for future generations so they don’t come into a world full of waste and disposable products. Bees are important as they are crucial pollinators for fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Bees are important as they are crucial pollinators for fruits, vegetables, and flowers. I try to be as environmentally-conscious and sustainable and I think we all need to be conscientious and waste less to continue to enjoy a natural world.”
One of our campaign models Emiel Durbal is a graphic designer, creative, environmentalist and proud volunteer ambassador for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust from London.

"My goal is to inspire others to use their skills and platforms to raise awareness of important issues and give those who don’t, a voice. I am honoured to be part of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s mission to restore healthy bumblebee populations in the UK by highlighting the plight of bumblebees through design. 

As inhabitants of this system, we all have an obligation to protect it to ensure it can sustain life for millions of years to come. With advancements in science and technology, we are aware of how grave the damage of anthropogenic activity is and how we can minimise these damages, but we can never replace or replicate the systems that have sustained life on Earth for hundreds of millions of years."

#beeYOPE campaign combines what is valuable to us: the care for bees and the natural environment, as well as an invitation to protect nature. Thanks to the sale of our Linden Line series of cosmetic, we have been proudly supporting pollinators since 2018.

Linden Line, a range with a mission

We are thrilled to introduce YOPE Linden skincare range