YOPE Philosophy

YOPE is not just formulas – it is also a philosophy for natural living. We care for our bodies, our loved ones, our community and the planet we live on.

You will find evidence of our philosophy not only in our formulas, but also in our actions!

What makes YOPE different?

Our personal care and home care products are gentle, safe and a treat to use. They turn everyday activities into special moments.  

Take care of the environment

Caring for the planet is in our nature. When you buy and use our products you contribute to a greener Earth. 

We care for the environment

Every YOPE product is created with the environment in mind. We use ingredients from sustainable sources and environmentally friendly packaging. In the spirit of “zero-waste” living, we encourage refilling and make refills available for a growing number of products.

We care for the planet

Taking on Earth-friendly initiatives is an important part of our mission. From protecting wilderness areas to planting trees and giving pollinators a habitat, we believe we can and must make a positive difference. And we are always on the lookout for worthy causes to support!

We care about you

YOPE is part of the conversation on such important issues as body awareness, body positivity and attachment parenting. We look for ways to make life easier and we tap into our resources to help people attain their potential.


We created our Linden Blossom range with wild bees and other pollinators in mind. Thanks to the popularity of these best-selling products, our #beeYOPE campaign has been going strong since 2018. We are proud of all that we continue to do to support endangered bees!

Our collaboration with the Meadow Foundation has included planting urban meadows, building insect hotels, giving out flower seed packets and creating educational materials for schools. So far, 7500 grade schoolers have participated in planting meadows while learning about the importance of bees to the ecosystem.


A natural ally in the fight against climate change, forests safeguard water supplies, absorb carbon dioxide and generate beneficial microclimates. This is why we’ve paired our YOPE WOOD range with the #lasYOPE tree-planting initiative.

We are working in collaboration with the Las na Zawsze foundation, which plants biodiverse wild woodlands protected from logging. We’re proud to have a hand in increasing the number of trees that make oxygen for our families, our planet and future generations.


The 2020 wildfires in the Biebrza River Valley were our call to action. We joined up with Lidl to give support to the firefighters in Biebrza National Park. Our combined efforts supplied the funds to buy special equipment for fighting peatland fires.

Thanks to this initiative, we are able to help protect fifty thousand hectares of the Biebrza National Park wilderness area.

Take care of the Earth

Together, we can get things done. Follow our environmental and social initiatives and join us in making a difference!